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BC Booster K3600 - Powerful, lightweight and pocket-sized jump starter for cars and bikes, and portable emergency battery for smartphones and tablets
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100% safe LiFePO4 technology
 Recharge of smartphones, tablets and any other device by USB (2,5A)
 USB -> Micro USB cable included
 Emergency LED flashlight with SOS or stroboscopic light

It can be used to recharge and supply electronic devices by USB

Emergency jump start
Emergency jump start in few seconds! When the battery of your car or bike is discharged, it is enough to connect BC Booster K3600 to the battery through the provided clamps (red clapm: positive pole - black clamp: negative pole) and follow the instructions to jump start the vehicle.

Emergency portable battery for the recharge of Smartphones & Tablets
USB port (5V, 2,5A) included for the emergency recharge of tablets, smartphones, GPSes, cameras, MP3 players and other electronic devices. The package includes the adapter from USB to Micro USB.

  Emergency flashlight
BC Booster K3600 is equipped with a LED emergency flashlight with fixed, SOS or stroboscopic light.

 Practical case

   Indicator of the internal battery charge

Technische Daten
GRÖßE 215 x 138 x 62 mm

GEWICHT 1200 gr
OUTPUT 5V - 2,5A / 12V - 10A
INPUT 15V - 1A
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